Frequently Asked Questions

How does the session look like?

After contacting me and arranging an appointment, in the first 1-3 session, we will explore the problematic topic(s) and discuss what kind of changes we would like to achieve, and we will set up the goals accordingly. Also, we will discuss the general frames of the counselling, and we will choose the best approach to reach the goals. The number of required sessions is not a given rule, it is flexible according to the client’s personal ways. One session is always 50 minutes.  

The counselling sessions are formalized meetings between clients and counsellors. It is important to highlight, that counselling is not equals to advice giving. As the given person will always knows her/himself the best, as a counsellor I won’t give advices, but I’ll support the changes made by the client with my questions.The actual steps need to be taken by the client, but I’ll help them along the way.


The sessions must be uninterrupted, regular and in a safe environment.


By uninterrupted, I mean that neither the client nor me allowed to use our phones or any other device during the sessions, and also we both need to try our best to keep the sessions away from any disturbing noise​.

The sessions need to take place on a regular basis: in arranged and predictable time and place, so it can provide a reliable background for the counselling.

The safe place in counselling means, that everything which is said by the client during the sessions, won’t be judged by the counsellor and most importantly, all the recieved information will be handled strictly confidentially.

What’s the framework of the counselling?

The whole counselling will start with a contract, which will contain the client and counsellor’s agreement regarding the goals of the counselling and the format of it, the used approaches, the times and the place of the sessions. This will give a safety background and a predictability for the counselling process.

How can I cancel the sessions?

Cancelling session is possible without any fee, if the cancellation happens at least 4 days before the session is scheduled. If the cancellation happens 72-24 hours before the scheduled session, the client needs to pay £5 fee. If the cancellation happens within 24 hours before the scheduled session, the client will be asked to pay the full price of the session.

What happens if the client arrives late to the session?

The sessions are 50 minutes long. If someone is late, the session will still end at the original finish time. I am kindly asking all my clients, not to be late from the sessions, so we can use all our time to work on the progress we would like to reach.

What’s the price of the counselling sessions?

The very first meeting session’s price is £20 for individual counselling, and then every further session’s price is £35. Every session is 50 minutes long, except when lateness occurs (see above).
The payments need to be completed in 48 hours after the session ended, otherwise the counsellor (myself) can postpone, or even cancel the next scheduled session, until the payment is completed. For couple counselling prices and availability, please quiery over the contact form.

If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.