Tiffany Varpalotai

Wellbeing Advisor

Tiffany Varpalotai


I’m Tiffany Varpalotai, wellbeing & relationship-wellbeing advisor and human behaviour analyst.

You are now on a site, which aims to help the visitor to change their current, possibly problematic situation in life, while support the deeper self knowledge and working on the emerging issues.

My goal is to form a secure environment for my clients, where we can describe the problems and work on them, through an equal and accepting partner relationship.

I deeply believe, that we all have the potential to grow, change and evolve, and that is what I would like to assist with.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Carl R. Rogers

Main topics

Working on self confidence

We shouldn’t just explore our habits, but also, we need to accept them and proudly admit them. If you find something that doesn’t work a way you want it, you can always work on it and change it, as long as you reach the goal. And when you you reach that, you need to learn how to be proud of it, how to be confident in your self.

Reaching deeper self-knowledge

It is a natural human behaviour to protect ourselves from negative thoughts, and sometimes this means that you are ignoring your own habits. Even if it hard, we can only move forward in life successfully, if we honestly explore our very own self.

Lifestyle change

Unfortunately it’s much easier to pick up wrong habits than good ones. The reason is simple most of the time; they require less effort. They are also really hard to be changed, and they require changes in many different part of the life. I can help you to process these changes for a better lifestyle and to make them last.

Relationship and sexual issues

Relationships (and every human connections) can be complicated, but with some help and willing to make things better, wonderful progresses can be made. If a couple decide to come to counselling, that is already a good sign and a first step toward a healthy and working relationship.

Challenges regarding living abroad

Moving from the known environment to a brand new one can be really frustrating mentally. You’ve might needed to leave your family and friends behind, or you might struggle with the language barriers, but anyway, moving to a different country is always a big change, which might requires some extra support.

Challenges regarding femininity

Women are facing various challenges in their career and private life as well. There are so many expectations, that we might not feel comfortable with, and they can cause great frustrations. As a woman, it is one of my main goals to help other women find and live by their authentic self.